New CCS Baggy Taper - Buy One, Get One 50% Off

The Pink Diamond Icon is millennial pink.

That simple sentence says a lot. In its own way, it’s a quick test of how deep you are into streetwear, fashion vocabulary, or what’s trending - if you’re familiar with the phrase millennial pink, you’re a step or two ahead of us. Or more specifically, me. I first heard mention of millennial pink when reading about up and coming streetwear brands for 2017. And that was like a month ago. Apparently, Millennial Pink was old news in fall of last year. But, still it persists. And that’s kind of its allure - it won’t fade.

Whatever you call it, pink seems to be everywhere and that’s not a bad thing at all. One of my favorite pink pieces that dropped this season is the Pink Diamond Supply Co. Icon, which feature a hairy or textured pink suede - a feature in itself that has merit. And if that combination doesn’t do it for you, check out what Boo Johnson had to say about them in his CCS 100 kickflip wear test. The Diamond Icon is a classic skate shoe silhouette with slightly raised foxing tape and a vulcanized construction. 

If we were to put together a cotton candy pink collection together, some other pieces we would include would be the Diamond Supply Co. Stone Cut hoodie, the Habitat X Twin Peaks Opening Title T-Shirt, Lakai Pushing Daises Long Sleeve T-Shirt, and the CCS Snakey Long Sleeve T-Shirt. But that collection is just scratching the surface. If you want to see more, check out all of our pink inventory.

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