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Like most great love stories, this one starts with a chance encounter. Cece Nelson happened to be wearing a hoodie from the Morro Bay Skate Museum while at Wave Rave snowboard shop in Mammoth Lakes, CA, where Travis Reese was working the register. He grew up near the museum, and thus started the conversations that started the relationship.

Love grows, strengthened with the adoption of a dog named Lady and early morning skatepark sessions. Recently, Travis determined the time had come to test his luck and take on life's ultimate roll-in. It was time for a wedding proposal. But how to make it special? A beautiful setting and a fancy ring, sure, but those are stock tricks. He wanted something unique. Something fun. Something personal. Something memorable.

"Well, skating is a big part of our lives and we have a collection of wall boards. Some are our friends' pro models, some are photos our friends shot, painted boards, boards with our favorite bands on them, etc. So I wanted to give her something she had never seen before... a board that there’s only one in existence."

In January, Travis designed and ordered his custom proposal skate deck from CCS. "I hid it with some of our wall boards we have boxed up. I thought the proposal could go either way. I wasn’t sure if she would say yes or not, but I figured it was worth a try."

On April 5, on the trails near a favorite surf spot near Morro Bay (where the museum from that sweatshirt is!), with Lady as witness, Travis and Cece got engaged!

Wedding Proposal Skate Deck

CCS got a chance to catch up with Travis and Cece recently. Like most conversations among skaters, the dialogue quickly was mostly about... skateboarding.

Will the wedding be skate themed?
Cece tells us, "I’m not sure that the wedding will be skate themed but I’m sure there will be a skate session involved!"
"Most of the people there are gonna be skaters. Haha." adds Travis.

Favorite skate brands?
"Unearthed skateboarding, Ace trucks, and Lil Jawns rails." Travis tells us. "And OJ Wheels."
"OJ Wheels." agrees Cece, "I like their product plus their content. Their Cruisin’ series on YouTube is fun to watch. My favorite skateboarder is <CCS Pro> Fabiana Delfino." We swear we didn't tell her to say that.

Best trick you've landed?
"I learned how to backside slash on coping and now it’s one of my favorite things to do." tells Cece.
"Landing my first date with Cece." says Travis. Smooth answer.

Any advice for somebody thinking of utilizing a custom skateboard for an important life event?
"Make it authentic and try to not make it corny. That’s the hardest part."

Travis Reese
Travis takes flight. Photo by Daniel Parks.

And they lived and skated happily ever after.

If you're interested in making your own one-of-a-kind skateboard deck, it's super easy with CCS. Great for wedding proposals, graduations, birthdays, celebrations of all kinds, or just cause you have an image that would look awesome as a skateboard.
Also, if anyone ever does have a skate-themed wedding, please send us pictures.

One last question for Cece... is it a wall hanger or are you riding it?
"The deck is a wall hanger for sure!"

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