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From time to time, CCS likes to review certain products in a way tailored specifically to skaters. We do this in an effort to show these products in a light that you might actually use them in. Check out this issue's latest Wear Test and we'll keep 'em coming!

Some people think that the internet ruined skate videos, but we disagree. While it did put a huge kink in the production of the type of videos we know and love it also gave skate videos back to the people, which is what we are all about. With phones being able to shoot the same quality video as most people's cameras, now everybody can be Ty Evans or Greg Hunt in their own front yard. That rules, because if want to, (and have the time and energy to scour the web) we can film any type of skating from anywhere in the world, whenever we want, and at any type of production quality.

That's where the Death Lens comes in to play. Other people have made wide angle and fisheye lenses for your phone, but those people aren't skateboarders. Death lens has been made to recreate the look and feel of the classic skate videos we grew up with. That look and feel is very wide and very close. These dudes nail it so hard, even making an app to recreate the experience of using a VX1000! This thing will make the two stair in front of your grandma’s house look like El Toro.

That being said we decided to strap up the Death Lens and hit the park with our friend and Zero flow rider Adam Arunski to see if it really made things look bigger and how close we could actually get. It turns out you can't get close enough because of how wide this thing is. Keep an eye out for guest bangers from Brimley Pro Dave Smith and Santa Cruz flow rider Matt Jones who met up as well. All of us approve of the Death Lens and recommend it highly! Just look at what it did to that ledge!

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