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According to this article published March 22, 2017, the United States Military budget is $596 billion dollars. That’s more than the next closest seven country’s budgets, combined. The country that comes closest to our military spending is China with $215 billion. So, why are we providing specifics to what feels like an unstoppable shitstorm you’re already vaguely aware of? Because Volcom is looking to raise awareness about this completely f’d situation. Hopefully, with the help of its global team of riders, the Volcom Cancel History, Stop Hatred Collection can help raise awareness on an issue that affects every American today.

The Volcom Cancel History, Stop Hatred Limited Release Collection features vintage styles and new graphics focused on raising awareness on America’s absurd war budget and helping to fight intolerance in general. While lighthearted one-liners such as “Do a cut back on the war budget” and “Can we get some peace and quiet around here” address the war and war spending directly, two of the collection’s strongest graphics featured on the Come Together tee and the Moclov tee both have an underlining message of tolerance and peace. The overall look of the collection adopts the early punk DIY cut and paste look that’s not far from what Volcom’s branding is known for.

It’s rad seeing a big company like Volcom using its influence and voice to raise awareness for a controversial issue like American military spending, and you can be sure I’ll be snagging one of these tees when the collection drops sometime early June.

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