CCS Holiday '23 Collection - Our Biggest Drop Yet

THE-HUNDREDS-SPRING-17_LOOK-6The Hundreds Spring 2017 line keeps in The Hundreds tradition of taking visual and design cues from the 90’s Southern California culture. While L.A. lifestyle and a stylized workwear look is at the heart of the line, it’s graphics and prints remain playful and reminiscent of a life spent in front of a tube television in the 90’s. As kids who grew up in California during the 90’s, it’s only natural that Bobby and Ben would be inspired by popular culture of the 90’s and it would bleed into The Hundreds designs a bit. Elements of this can be seen in the striped prints, anorak jackets, and graphics The Hundreds play with for the Spring Line. The Anorak Jacket is making a comeback as many companies have one or two anorak styles in its Spring 17 collections. This style of jacket is characterized by a half-zip, a large front pouch zipper, and a hood. The Hundreds Anchor Jacket and the The Hundreds Dell Anorak Jacket.AQ3CAB8-3.1486297322 999999787194-2.1488550888 While the Dell Jacket is a more traditional Anorak, the Anchor uses color blocking and bends the rules a bit when it comes to the front pouch. Instead of a large kangaroo style flap pouch, the Anchor uses an internal pouch pocket with zippered side-entry pockets. Punk/Ska influences can be seen throughout the line in the form of checkered prints and collars seen in the Hundreds Rude Long Sleeve T-Shirt and The Hundreds Buster Polo Shirt. 999999767967-1.1486264100 999999746412-1.1486329972 Not so subtle references to 90’s pop culture can be seen in the Hundreds Capitols T-Shirt (Frasier) and the Hundreds Leisure T-Shirt, which references a 90’s adult video game I’m sure we’ve never played or heard of. Other nods to the 90’s and Southern California culture include the use of Old English and tight stripes and logo embroidery, which can be seen in the Hundreds Old H T-Shirt, Hundreds PMA Pocket T-Shirt, and the Hundreds Leads T-Shirt.999999763655-1.1486344730 999999764003-1.1486263746 999999764652-1.1486401407 999999785947-1.1486250293999999764553-1.1486346449 As usual, Hundreds continues to surprise and to, ironically, keep its look fresh by drawing from the past. Check out our complete The Hundreds lineup here.
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