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Ever since I was a young cub, I fancied the buttery steez of Chico Brenes. With a smooth style, unique selection of tricks and one of the best nollie heels in the game, Cheeks stood out. By todays standards he’s been in the skate game for a long, long time and to be honest, he just seems to skate better with age.

To celebrate Chico’s extensive and prosperous career, DVS & LRG have teamed up to bring on the Chico Brenes “Then And Now” Collections. The collections include exclusive Chico inspired shoes, apparel, hats and more.

In conjuction, they’ve gone and released two videos for Chico. The first, “Then”, highlights the early part of his careeer. And the second, “Now”, shows Chico at his best in the recent years. There’s even some brand new, unreleased footy in the mix. Have a look and bow down to one of the greats.

Chico “Then”

Chico “Now”

Image Courtesy of DVS.

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