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Little known fact: The ‘SB’ in Nike SB Dunks stands for SkateBoarding.

And while the global demand for those beautiful Dunks has led to complicated raffle systems, museum-quality closet displays, and a secondary market economy that rivals some small countries, at the end of the day these are still skate shoes.

While we at CCS encourage everybody to #skateyourdunks, we truly have no say in what people do with their sneakers. We can't imagine why anybody wouldn't want to ride a skateboard, but apparently there are people out there who don't.

With that in mind, when CCS+ member and sneakerhead Jose ‘Tmek Gainz’ Duran was randomly chosen as the winner of our Dunk Month All-4-Dunk-Month-Shoes-For-Free contest, we were thrilled to discover that he skated.

Jose unboxes his winnings.

Not only that, but he was not averse to occasionally breaking out a pair of collectible Nikes from his stash for a session. Is Jose for real when he claims he skates his Dunks, or is he just bunting? Only one way to find out.

We called out Jose to step up to keep his rep up on camera for all to see. And step up he did.

Jose chose the Nike SB ‘Pink Pig’ Dunk Lows from his winnings so we could all witness how these desirable kicks stand up to 100 kickflips. Honestly, we were expecting nothing but flatground; But once he warmed up, the Pigs broke in, and the stoke started flowing, Jose started to hear those stairs calling.

Jose handled the 100 Kickflips adn then some, but how did the Pink Pigs hold up?
Check the video for all the wear and tear details.

CCS will have the Pink Pigs available by raffle early in the morning on April 30th, 2021, on the @CCS Instagram account.

Check the CCS+ membership program to learn about triple raffle tickets and priority entry (as well as site-wide free shipping)... and to be in the game when the next big CCS+ give-away goes down.

Huge thanks to Tmek and everyone at NikeSB
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