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Where does one go for a good time and some lifelong memories and friendships? Skateboarding, of course.

Skating is not a place, but an activity, and The Vacation is not an activity, it’s a skateboard company. And like skateboarding, The Vacation Skateboards is multifaceted - it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what the company is about, which isn’t meant to be a knock on its “branding.” It’s actually the opposite - hopefully, when I’m done rambling here, you’ll see it as a compliment.

At first, skateboarding is frustrating, but whatever it is that compelled you to start in the first place - a video, a neighbor, your friends skating having a good time - gets you through those first shitty months of learning to ollie, push, and the like. Once you get comfortable on your board, skating is amazing. And it’s this that The Vacation Skateboards is best at, it would be its ability to represent this initial zeal for skateboarding we all had at first and have still on our best days. Vacation videos are always good for a boost. The spots and tricks are always an inspiration to get out there and skate some gritty street spots, which is always refreshing when the majority of your feed is full of plaza and skatepark footy. And, as you might’ve guessed, the Vacation has rad boards. Check out our Vacation Skateboards collection here.

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