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You only need to look at a handful of The Friend Ship’s skateboards before getting a sense of what they’re all about. The biggest take away? They’re keen on having fun, particularly on skateboards. From their love for Simpsons references to Garfield graphics to their Li’L Bastard Travel Kit (a hip pack that includes items like smoke bombs, firecrackers, and wax), it’s easy to see, that The Friend Ship isn’t fucking around when it comes to keeping things light. There are a handful of companies committed to keeping skateboarding fun right now, and we wanted to make sure you knew The Friend Ship is one of the best doing it right now.

Like other independent skater-owned companies focusing on keeping skateboarding fun, the Friend Ship has a team of relatively unknown riders. These types of teams and the videos they make bring up the conversation of indy-skate videos versus core-skate videos - the term “versus” is used very lightly here. It’s more of a conversation about the value of seeing skateboarding at a level that’s not wildly unattainable. To this point, some would argue that watching these videos gets you “more hyped” to skate.

For many skaters (myself included) skating is something you do after working 8-9 hours a day or on the weekend. Skating is something you’ve done almost all your life, but it’s nothing you’ll ever do professionally. That ship has sailed. So watching videos parts from companies like Friend Ship who skate curbs, gritty banks, wall rides, and ledge spots with a crew of friends is inspiring. Also, they’re not 3-flipping the Davis Gap, which is rad, but is a little depressing in a way.

Long story short, The Friend Ship Skateboard Company is entertaining - its boards, t-shirts, videos, all of it. The Friend Ship is lit.

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