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New York is a damn big place with a damn lot of diversity. In NYC, you’re sure to find people of every kind. And, as in the case of just about any metropolitan area in the United States today, you’re going to find a subculture of skateboarders. Mighty Healthy founders, Denis Iderman and Ray Mate, started Mighty Healthy with the intention of building a skateboard brand around the NYC skate scene. Mighty Healthy is not a company inspired by New York, but instead, a company that takes its inspiration from skateboarding in New York. There’s a difference. We think.

Before starting Mighty Healthy back in 2004, co-founder Ray Mate was working in the IT Industry and working on side projects with New York skaters like Gino Iannucci. Since then, the brand has grown and developed a reputation as an authentic NYC skate brand. Part of this reputation can be attributed to the fact that the designers and founders skate in the streets of New York daily. Their love for skating and the inspiration they take from skating in NYC shows in the apparel they design.

Be sure to check out Mighty Healthy now live on

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