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Photo by Zach Deus

The smooth, careful lines of the Skate Art produced by Steve Duque could never be mistaken for the jagged, splintered boards you find abandoned at skateparks, spots, and skate shops. Yet, the art Duque produces comes from those same used, focused, and broken boards.

Duque Skate Art demands to be touched, held, and cared for - it’s both tactilely pleasing and pleasing to the eye. It’s no wonder it’s crafted from upcycled skateboards, skateboards carefully selected from skate shop walls, websites, and catalogs that were put together with doting attention only to be abused and worn down until rendered useless. That is until Duque finds them.

The handmade keychains, pens, earrings, key racks, coasters, and other pieces of art Duque crafts in his Portland, Oregon studio breathe new life into the multi-colored, plied construction of these broken and skated boards that would otherwise be thrown away. Nearly all the art Duque makes (83%) come from skateboards he set up and skated himself.

Duque has skated for over half his life, a passion he says in his bio on the Portland Saturday Market that's only intensified since starting Duque Skate Art in 2012. Love has brought Duque, his Skate Art, and passion for skateboarding clear across the country from Providence Rhode Island to Portland Oregon, a skateboarder’s paradise. With the most skateparks per capita in the United States, Duque should have no trouble finding spots to skate and old boards to give a second life to in the form of Skate Art in our hometown of Portland.

Duque Skate Art products will be live on by mid-May.

Photo by  Zack Deus Photo by Zack Deus

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