CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

Easily one of the most recognizable brands in the sweatpants game, it’s Champion. It’s not easy to make sweatpants look respectable, but Champion does it. Which is precisely why we are very excited to announce we are now carrying Champion apparel.

My love for Champion runs deep. Scattered into my hazy memories from elementary school up to now are little hits of Champion’s logo - as if Champion has gone into my memories and painted in little logos here and there as some futuristic marketing technique not yet discovered. But no, that’s not the case. It’s just the fact that Champion has been around for-ev-er.

The Feinbloom brothers started creating athletic apparel for universities as far back as 1919. In the 1930s, the brothers renamed the company Champion Knitting Mills Inc. It was at this time Champion designed the first ever hoodie and the reverse knit sweatshirt - both of which were designs that came out of necessity. Champion hoodies were designed as a way to help players warm up and stay warm in between play while the reverse knit sweatshirts allowed coaches to wash the team’s uniforms at the same time without damaging them.

Today, Champion is synonymous with buttery soft cotton you can cloak yourself in while you wake up during first period or while you check your emails. It's known for its branding, which is simple, clean, and iconic. But, the biggest takeaway from Champion’s decades of sportswear production is its durability. Champion’s sweatshirts, sweatpants, and t-shirts last forever. But our inventory of Champion doesn't stop Champions basic apparel, we just got in the Champion Victory Jacket and the Champion Manorak Jacket - expect to see more Champion lifestyle apparel in the fall! They’re a dependable, affordable sweatshirt that will take care of you for years to come.

Check out our collection of Champion Apparel here.

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