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You might be surprised to see Calvin Klein listed in our brands page. But before you go searching who rides for Calvin Klein skateboarding, or trying to imagine what a Calvin Klein graphic would look like, let us save you some time. Calvin Klein is not a skateboard brand, but it does make some ridiculously comfortable and stylish underwear and undershirts. There are plenty of brands that aren’t “skateboard” brands that we all love because they’re stylish, comfortable, well-made, and so on.

Underwear are perhaps one of the most popular pieces of clothing you can invest in. Pants are important, too, but no other piece of clothing has the ability to absolutely ruin your day if it’s not up to snuff. Chafing, riding up, ripping, sagging, and bunching up are just a few ways boxer briefs can go wrong. For the same reason we carry Saxx, MyPakage, and Ethika, we carry Calvin Klein: because they understand the importance of making seriously comfortable and durable underwear.

Plain white tees have always been fashionable just as plain black t-shirts look badass. This is precisely why we decided to carry Calvin Klein plain t-shirt 3-packs. Because they look and feel great. And that’s about it. We hope this quick little bit has answered any questions you might’ve had when stumbling across CK on our site for the first time.

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