CCS Baggy Taper Denim | Buy One, Get One 50% Off

We’re really sorry to the three of you who have been begging for another one of these. With all the kickflipping going on we completely forgot to let Kevin kreate! Cry no more, because Kev’s Kreations is back! In this episode Kevin goes on a feline frenzy and sets up a 100 percent kitty cat complete, from the grip down to the bearings. That’s right, we have enough cat stuff in stock to build an entire complete, because apparently people love cats! Something weird started happening while Kev was pulling all the products for this though and we don’t know how or why, but he started getting really catty. Luckily there was a good scratching post at Commonwealth Skatepark and he was able to get all his pent up energy out. Comment on the video (on Youtube) and tell us what this board should be named and we will ship it out to you all covered in fur and scratched up! Customize your own board now!
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