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For this edition of Kev's Kreations, we asked a href="" target="_blank" >Creature and CCS team rider David Gravette to help us put together a board. As always, David came with his A game. David's known for being able to skate just about anything being, his temper, and his injuries among other things. So for this edition of Kev's Kreations, he thought it'd be good to use all the medical supplies he's accumulated over the years to build what he's calling the "Handi-Capable Skate-A-Scoot." As always, we'll be looking for you to name this board. You've got your work cut out for you as its name is already pretty spot on. We recommend you watch the video, take notes, and do whatever it is that gets you most creative and help us figure out an even better name for Gravette's Handi-Capable Skate-A-Scoot. Get your FREE CCS Catalog here.

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