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So Chris did you have any idea you were turning pro? No I had no idea I was turning pro, complete surprise!

What's it like to have Danny Way hand you your first ever pro model? Having Danny way hand me my first board was mind blowing legendary shit made it that much more awesome.

Is it true that you filmed that new part in 12 days or is that an exaggeration? Well it was a 14 day trip to China and 2 days were spent traveling so we were on the ground for 12 days maybe spent a day resting up but for the most part, yee!

What is it about China that makes it so easy to get clips? China has so many perfect spots just makes things more fun when you come to a perfect spot with smooth ground, it's nice.

If you don't get more than 3 clips a day do you feel bad about yourself? If I don't get 3 clips a day I'm still psyched on the 1 or 2 I got that day or even if there wasn't any that day we'll make up for it the next day.

What's your favorite skate video and all-time favorite video part? Plan B Questionable: Pat Duffy is a LEGEND!!

What's the deal with your ACL's? Are they still torn? Were they torn before? The rumor was that you had no ACL's during the filming of your Plan B part can you confirm or deny that? Well the MRI says there was a partially torn ACL and the kneecap had been dislocated but the muscle structure brought it back into place and in that process chipped the knee cap so if the MRI was correct then yes I had a partially torn ACL in my right knee.

Take us through a typical day for Chris Joslin. Typical days just like wake up make some coffee go doo-doo take shower go to breakfast with my girlfriend come home line up some plans to go skate then go roll around somewhere maybe go film and then come home go to dinner with my girlfriend maybe watch some Netflix and chill then pass out.

A lot of people claim you have one of the best Instagram accounts because you're constantly putting out insane clips. Who are your top 3 skateboarders to follow on Instagram? Aside from yourself. To be honest I just post the vid and keep skating I don't really follow up to often but when I do I scroll thru the whole feed and see what all the homies are up too.

Say you sell a million of these shiny new boards and make a million dollars. What would Chris Joslin buy with a million dollars? If I had a million dollars I would buy a nice house and help my family out with anything they needed.

What would you say to a kid who's buying your board and wants to be just like Chris Joslin. That's a lot of pressure, what kind of advice do you give to a kid who looks up to you? You can be whatever you want to be, so if I inspire you and you really want to be like me then don't let anything stop you! Chase your dreams and make it happen! Anything’s possible!

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