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The Nike SB Air Zoom Blazer Low GT Black Blocks Shoes drop August 10, 2017. In honor of GT, Nike SB, and this new Blazer GT colorway, we thought we’d do a little research and reporting on the origins of the Black Blocks and the geometric patterns that make up the details on the shoe.

The Grant Taylor Black Blocks are Grant’s newest Blazer (blacked out) colorway. They feature a black suede upper and black foxing tape. The outsole is clear rubber with a herringbone tread. Through the sole, you can see the same iconic quilted pattern found on the ground at the Black Blocks skate spot in Atlanta, GA. This geometric quilt pattern is carried throughout the shoe - on the heel overlay and printed on the insole.

Now for the history lesson

Black Blocks was a bust free spot soon after the hype of the 1996 Olympics had receded from Atlanta’s city limits. Almost instantly the spot put Atlanta on the skate map. And while Black Blocks’ iconic smooth ground and artistic geometric quilted pattern served as a most cinematic and easy spot to film, its black marble block benches and barriers were the main attraction. Recently, within the past couple of years, the spot was shut down (fenced off and became a bust) by the city for “reconstruction.” But thanks to the grassroots efforts of Andrew Murrell and nearly 7,000 supporters/petitioners using the platform, it looks like the Black Blocks are open with some restrictions to some of the artwork at the spot. More simply, as of April 2017, the Black Blocks skate spot in Atlanta is again a hassle-free, bust-free skate spot.

For more on spots that were on the chopping block, or how to save a spot in your city, check out the awesome "Long Live Southbank Guide To Saving A Skate Spot" article on

Grant's Black Block Blazers are live on!

Nike SB Air Zoom Blazer Low GT Black Blocks Shoes Nike SB Air Zoom Blazer Low GT Black Blocks Shoes
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