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Let’s face it, whatever board you’re riding is the right one. As long as you’re rolling, then you’re doing it right. But when the sad time comes that you have to put your old deck to rest, or get rid of those wheels that have just one too many flat spots, there are a lot of choices out there for what to get next. Gear Check is here to show you what your favorite pros and ams are riding just in case you need a little inspiration for your next set up.

Ben Raybourn generally rides a set up as weird if not weirder than he is. It's never just your meat and potatoes complete with Ben. Whether it's a random deck from 1989 or a pair of Indy trucks that he frankenstein'd from a few different eras he's always got something unique going on to suite his unique style of skating. Thankfully for him he stays rolling with help from the fine folks over at Birdhouse, Independent, Bones, Bronson, Mob, Dakine, Nike SB, Neff, and who could forget us here at CCS. Check out a more in depth look at what Ben is riding right now and see him putting that set up to work at Glen Haven park, here in Portand!

It's always a pleasure to see Indy's on a pro's setup. So much of Independent's history was based on this image of emptying pools and only drinking Miller High Life tall boys. Not that Ben doesn't like to empty a pool and sip a tall boy, but his style definitely differs from that old school Indy flavor.

The Vato Series from Bones is a new age mainstay. Any Bones rider knows the Vatos are a go-to for just about any type of skating. When it comes to Raybourn, the Vatos are the perfect all-around, skate-it-all wheel. Bones makes a Vato Wheel for just about every team rider, including Ben, so you know they're good.

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