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Skateboard decks have certainly come a long way since the ol’ days of the standard 7-ply. And while practically every big brand these days is offering new deck constructions, some are taking routes far less traveled.

Flip Skateboards has recently introduced a deck construction called P2 Technology that without a doubt falls into the category of revolutionary. And to prove how revolutionary the P2 actually is, the Flip team is fully backing them. In fact, a bunch of the riders can no longer ride regular 7-plys anymore, only P2’s. Think I’m faking? Watch the videos below of Flip riders Geoff Rowley, David Gonzalez & Bob Burnquist speaking on how insanely pscyhed they are on these boards.

After years of engineering and developement, P2 (Pro-2) Construction has surfaced as the next level in skateboard decks. P2 Technology decks are not only thinner and lighter than traditional 7-ply decks, they include an oval-shaped aramid-fiber reinforcement panel. This aramid-fiber, which is used in aerospace and military applications, enhances the natural performance and pop of the boards thin, supporting maple veneers. The oval shape is designed to spread stresses throughout the decks entirety, versus only the areas closest to the trucks. P2 construction provides exceptional added resilience to the deck, creating a “SPRING LOADED POP” effect that many are already swearing by.

To sum P2 up, here’s what you’ll need to know…

• The P2 skin is lighter and thinner than other “tops” being put on decks

• The P2 Skin, because it’s an aramid-fiber, is stronger than Carbon/Glass tops

• The P2 has a patented inlaid reinforcement that is flush to the surface of the deck with a wood “frame” surrounding it. To skateboarders, and more importantly to the harsh treatment of impact with the ground, it’s simply a 7 ply maple deck at the edges

• P2 decks are thinner and lighter than old fashioned 7-ply wood skateboards

Flip Riders Talk P2 Tech

Image & Video Courtesy of NHS

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