CCS Holiday '23 Collection - Our Biggest Drop Yet

Chocolate’s original Trunk Boy Stevie Perez moved up to the big leagues earlier this year to join one of the most loaded teams in the history of skateboarding. It couldn’t have happened to a better dude. Not only does Stevie possess speed, style, and flawless consistency on his board; he’s also one of the most humble, genuine people we’ve had the pleasure of interviewing. CCS caught up with Stevie and had a little chat with him. Start your scrolling to read now.

List the five best things about growing up in LA

Let’s see, the weather, the beach, tons of spots to skate everywhere like schoolyards, the burritos and the culture.

That was six but fair enough, how did you wind up getting on Chocolate?

I was skating for a shop and just skating with all my friends. I had some video parts and my homies at Val Surf introduced me to Scuba Steve and and he went and put a good word for me at Girl. It took a while, I was on flow for a really long time.

How long were you on flow?

I was on rep flow for like 4 years.

So you’ve been traveling a lot with the Pretty Sweet Tour, what is your favorite city outside of LA?

We had a lot of fun in Salt Lake City and Kanas City, the hospitality was amazing.

What was the highlight of the tour?

Everyone one being together at the same time and hanging out. That doesn’t really happen too often.

When Chocolate turn you pro, how did they surprise you?

We took a trip to Puerto Rico. We were just doing signings at a few shops and we just walked into this Shop and Rez and Chico came out of nowhere and surprised us. We didn’t even know they were there.

How did you become a trunk boy?

We were on a Central American tour and we were in some van super crunched up in the back with all the gear and stuff and McCrank started yelling out “Trunk Boyz” and it stuck.

If you and your teammates were stranded and starving to death which one of your teammates would you kill first to eat?

Probably Raven.


He’s got the most meat.

Good answer, who would be the hardest person to kill?

I don’t know, Elijah’s gnarly, I’d probably go down first though.

What is your biggest vice?


What has been the highlight of your life so far?

Being able to travel with my friends.

You’re pretty close with your folks right?

Yeah I am. They are super-mellow. We play music and stuff.

Do you bring a guitar on tour with you?

I don’t, it’s really fragile my dad would get super bummed if something happened to it. He’s always like “The heat and the cold could really mess it up”.

So you still live at home?

Yeah I was going to move out but I travel a lot, and I figured why spend money on a place when I don’t need one?

Now that you are pro are you able to help your folks out with some bills?

Yeah I’ve been helping them out. Yeah my mom has been working hard for a long time; it’s good to help her out now.

That’s great, must feel good being able to help your folks.

Yeah they’re stoked, at first they didn’t know what was going on. They thought when I was AM they thought that I was pro. So when I turned pro they didn’t really get it. I was like “Mom I’m Pro” and they were like, “What the hell, I thought you were already pro”. They are stoked.

What’s next for Stevie Perez?

I think I’m doing a little Lakai video. Maybe some homie videos, those are always good to be a part of. Actually I think I’m going to go to Columbia with the GX1000 crew and film some clips out there.

Check the footage below for proof of Stevie’s flawless style.

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