The CCS Tour Backpack - The Return of a Classic

The Converse One Star CC OX was inspired from a deadstock Converse sneaker found in a Japanese thrift store. CONS Skateboarding took that long forgotten shoe and brought it back to life, designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s toughest skateboarding. The upper is suede with an external heel overlay with the classic One Star branding. Under your feet, CONS has used the combination of the Nike Lunarlon insole and the classic Converse traction rubber outsole. This combo delivers a flexible, shock absorbing sole that doesn’t sacrifice boardfeel. A cool detail in the outsole is the reinforced rubber in vital areas, adding increased durability and grip. Extra attention and love has been given to the foxing tape wrapping the shoe. An extra textured layer gives the shoe a third layer and a layer to wear down into a sweet spot for a familiar flick. On the inside, a leather padded collar, and combination of microfiber in the ankle/heel area and a breathable synthetic liner in the forefoot add comfort and breathability where you need them most. Stitching is kept to a minimum. The toe box is one piece, pulling the stitching back from most of your flick/ollie area. The tongue is suede and a traditional tennis/soccer cut with a thinly padded cotton liner. Our overall impression is this shoe is thin like a CTAS and offers tons of style and durability. One of the best looking Converses of the year.

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