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It turns out getting a few hundred Portland skateboarders together takes little more than a couple ramps, boxes and direct sunlight. 14 foot wall rides don't hurt either. Here are some flicks from our Go Skate Day event we put on with Creature in Portland, OR.

Photos and words by Matt Price

The Da Vinci School flat ground has been a magnet for junk jams for years now, so we figured it would be a good place to bring out some shit and shred for our high holiday.
OJ brand manager Alex Foy was amongst the first to test out our Creature x CCS wall rides. He went straight to the top.
Tons of people showed up before the starting time. That's a good sign.
Rad dad and Polar Skateboards pro, Nick Boserio was there wrangling his daughter, Cleo.
If she's anything like her dad, Cleo will be terrifying her parents on a skateboard in no time.
Epic P Stone coozy from CCS filmer, Chris Varcadipane. We're always thinking about you Preston.
Polar Skateboards pro Aaron Harrington made it back to Oregon from the east coast. Did you know that Aaron is from Oregon? We just found out.
Family photo time for the Boserio's with Thrasher photographer, Joe Brook and his kids. CCS throws family friendly events. Don't forget that.
Myles Laurion is amazing. He did this kickflip a few times in a row.
Shit was starting to get real at the wall ride. CCS and Creature rider, Tony Ellis goes over top of Alex Foy during warm ups.
Man and beast. Creature pro, Cody Lockwood and Lula were out and about.
What's happening here?
Oh, it's just Myles doing another cool thing. Crook bonk on a giant rolling spool.
Myles checks the footy with CCS team rider, Preston Harper. They're sporting some gear from the hot new brand, Deby And Sons.
Craps were not one of the planned events of the day, but fuck it.
Okay, now everyone is here we can get going on this best trick jam.
You guys all ready to go?
Thanks to Creature, we had $500 of cold, hard cash to give away. Let the shredding commence!
Polar and Nike SB rider, Emile Laurent starts ripping away.
This is Emile's power up face.
Tony caught a grind during warm up, but could he pull it again for $100 during the actual contest? Also, is that a CCS basis T? Word is they're cheap and good... Just sayin.
Donovan Rice was crushing the wall to flat. This was an allyoop 360 yanker.
Even CCS customer service rep, Tim Crouse was blasting up the wall. Remember, when you call to bitch about your board being gripped wrong, that Tim shreds. So don't give him such a hard time.
Frank Shaw was taking it as close to the top as you could get then pile driving straight into the asphalt. Very sick, Frank.
You know the peanut gallery had their Pintrest's and Friendster's locked and loaded.
Thankfully, Tony caught another grind and won himself $100. Then a bunch of other cool tricks happen, but I had to announce the contest so there are no photos. Check the last post with Chris's video to see all the heavy shredding.
You got it Drew?
How many points is this?
After the riding of walls we skated until the sun went down. This is what it's all about. Thanks for coming out, Portland. And thank you to Creature, Indy, Mob, and Bronson for helping us make this possible.
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