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It seems like Vans and Santa Cruz have had you on the road a ton lately. What’s one of your favorite trips you have been on recently?

My favorite trip was with Vans to Bali, Indonesia. It was an all girls trip with all my best friends. It’s hard not to have the best time in that situation.

Where is one place in the world you have to make sure you see still?

I gotta check out Paris for sure.

What does being an “am” skater mean in 2019, and do you think, if you turn pro it will feel any different?

Ams and pros are the same besides the name on your board and the contest you skate. I might even think that ams work harder sometimes because they're doing anything it takes to fulfill the dream. That pro status.

Who are some of your current favorite skaters in 2019? Anyone on your radar that we may not know about that’s about to blow our minds?

Favorite skaters right now are Elissa (Steamer), T-Funk, Grant Taylor, Erick Winkowski, and Pedro (Delfino). Anybody from Florida should be on your radar.

You’re on some heavy teams with some legendary skaters. Did meeting anyone in particular intimidate you? Have you made friends with any of them that has surprised you?

Oh, definitely. I feel like I’ve been thrown into this thing so quick. I never prepared myself for meeting the people who’ve influenced me so much. I won’t name names because a lot of them are my friends now and I’m still a bigger fan than I’d like to admit.

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When you’re not skating or on a skate trip, are there any other activities that take up your time, or are you 110% skating, all day every day?

When I’m away on a trip, we’ll be filming like all day, everyday. Sometimes I’ll feel crazy at the end of it. So when I’m home I’ll just chill and ride my bike a bunch. I’ll still skate everyday at my local park but it’s super mellow.

A lot of sponsored skaters eventually feel pressure to live on the west coast. What do you like about living in Florida, and do you think you will ever move out to California?

Staying in Florida has been the best move I think. I’m saving a ton of money on rent and when I get back from a trip it’s like a vacation; doing whatever the fuck I want to do. I do think California is the move though; more spots, filmers, and skateparks on every corner. The whole industry is there.

What was... The last trick you learned? Your favorite trick to do? One trick that people might be surprised that you’re not good at?

Last trick: Bs Layback 5-0 to Tail

Favorite trick: Varial Flip?

I suck at kickflips.

Anyone you’d like to thank before we sign off?

Thank you Skateboarding.

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