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This week, I’m going to tackle snowboard goggles, specifically helping translate tech terms, so you can find goggles that suit your riding style best. Snow goggles are notoriously weighed down with technical language. Companies tend to brand features that are offered across the board differently. For example, Happy Lens is essentially the same technology as LumaLens or Prizim - they all focus on filtering out harsh UV rays. Because this technology causes the most significant price increase, it's where I'll start.

For today’s Tech Talk, I’m going to talk about Spy Snowboard Goggles. Spy Optics is the largest independent optics brand in the world and the only one that offers the Happy Lens, "which harnesses the beneficial aspects of long-wave blue light." The Happy Lens filters light, but unlike other lenses, the Happy Lens makes you happy.

Spy’s term for filtering light is the Happy Lens. The idea behind the name is that Happy Lenses allows in long wave blue light crucial to your body’s ability to absorb Vitamin D and produce serotonin - both of which are beneficial for your body’s circadian rhythm and helps humans feel good. While allowing in the “good” long wave blue light, the Happy Lens simultaneously blocks out the damaging bad shortwave light and UV Rays.

The Happy Lens Tech is offered in a variety of lens colors for a variety of conditions. Spy breaks up its lenses into four categories: Sunny, Mixed, Flat, and Night.

Sunny conditions call for the Spectra Lens, which uses multiple layers of mirrors for a stylish look that reduces glare in full sunlight.

Mixed conditions call for the Lucid Lens, a specially tuned lens that increases visibility and contrast, so you can see more and ride better in flat and mixed conditions.

The Ace Snowboard Goggle is a mid-sized cylindrical shaped goggle that uses the Happy Lens Technology and features a Quick Draw lens change system for changing lenses on the fly.

The Marshall Goggle is a mid-sized spherical lens goggle that uses Happy Lens tech and is compatible with most popular helmets on the planet.

The Woot Snowboard Goggle is a great buy at this price, and while it doesn’t take advantage of Spy’s Happy Lens Tech, it does offer 100% UV protection and an anti-fog cylindrical dual-lens with anti-scratch protection in a super clean fit.

The Raider Snowboard Goggle comes with a free bonus lens and features huge scoop vents to keep the air flowing, and an Anti-fog dual-lens cylindrical design with anti-scratch protection, so no matter the conditions, you’ll be seeing clearly.

The Getaway Snowboard Goggles have everything you need to get up on the mountain without breaking the bank. An anti-fog dual-lens system with anti-scratch protection will keep you seeing clear all season long.

Tech Talk is a bit like a Ted Talk. In every Tech Talk, I’ll break down industry jargon into manageable chunks, so you can make a more informed purchase decision in less time. The biggest difference is we’re not in an air-conditioned auditorium, there’s no giant screen behind me, and you’re probably not here on your bosses dime.

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