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When the Internet was only accessible to computer engineer types and the government, and well before cell phones were affordable for everyone, there were flyers. Flyers and zines were how independent music scenes and communities grew. If you wanted to know something about your favorite punk band or DJ, you’d find it in a zine, or have to know where to find flyers to the shows playing the best music. Knowing the right people and being part of your local music scene were the only ways to see and hear independent music. The CCS Poster Series pays tribute to the lost art of flyer making and the days when finding new music wasn’t just a click away. In designing this collection, we worked with Joseph Botcherby, a graphic designer living in Berlin.

CCS Tekno Long Sleeve T-Shirt

The CCS Tekno Long Sleeve T-Shirt was inspired by flyers designed for early warehouse parties in the late 80's and early 90's. At the time, flyers were one of the few ways you could find out about a party. The year 1985 is when CCS started and the reference to NYC pays tribute to where CCS called home before moving to Portland, Oregon.

CCS Flyer T-Shirt

The CCS Flyer T-Shirt pays tribute to the DIY flyers and zines that early punk communities used to write about bands, communicate, and promote shows.

CCS Sunset Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Just outside most major metropolitan areas, there are old buildings and warehouses where most of the goods being sold in the city are stored. These kind of old buildings have played host to legendary shows for decades now. The CCS Sunset Long Sleeve T-Shirtfeatures a shot of Portland's tallest building "Big Pink." No parties or shows of note have gone down there, but it was only proper we give PDX some love seeing how it's the city we live in and love and where CCS is being operated out of now.

CCS Poster Series Collection
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