New CCS Baggy Taper - Buy One, Get One 50% Off

Nobody gives more frank and unfiltered feedback than a couple of young star-struck skateboarders who were just given some free products in exchange for their opinion about said free products.

With that premise in mind, your boy Dale Decker hit the Ponderosa Skatepark in Anaheim, CA with the CCS video team (AKA Chris) and a couple of freshies to see what the kids think. After scouring the area for the youngsters with the greatest genuine need for some renewed gear, we flowed the homies new CCS Logo boards to see how they held up with real skaters in a real-world scenario.

We're confident these are some of the best, most affordable decks you can find, but don't take our word for it. Check the video to see what happens, check the CCS website to see all the latest decks from us and everyone else, and skate hard out there cause you never know when Dale will be rolling through with a box of gear for you.

Check out all the action on the CCS blog, Instagram, Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube channel, and Tiktok. Or if you're really feeling old school, go ahead and send us a letter.

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