CCS Pants Restock - Buy One, Get One 50% Off

We try to be modest here at CCS, but one place where we just have a hard time practicing humility is any time we’re talking about our pants. We’re not afraid to claim that we make the best damn pants you can buy for skateboarding, or any other activity for that matter. Our Chino’s, in particular, are the best skate pants you will ever wear. We’ve managed to increase the stretch to a point where you almost feel nothing when they’re on while maintaining that classic Chino look and durability that you need. Being able to get 2 pairs for $30 a piece just makes them a no-brainer. We asked our buddy Dustin Brown to try out a pair of CCS Chinos and let us know what he thought. Dustin’s not much of a talker, but the skating should speak for it self. Just rip the tags off and start ripping.

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