New CCS Baggy Taper - Buy One, Get One 50% Off

Black and khaki and brown were getting a little boring so we added something a little more fun to our newest fit of CCS pants, the Original Relaxed Chino. We gave a pair to CCS team rider, Chandler Burton and Matt King of Ssquirted and told them to make something, and they spent a night in Downtown L.A. with their new pants. Available now in leopard as well as all your classic colors. Shop them all here.

The CCS Original Relaxed Chino is 100% cotton, but it's cut baggier than all our other pants so you won't miss that stretch.

Chandler takes this 50-50 from a seated position.

These pants make you faster.

FS Wallride with matching grip.

CCS Original Relaxed Chino available now at... where else?

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