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Jackson Epstein is an illustrator and artist based in New York City. We first took notice of him for his work on album art and merch for bands like Bleached and No Parents. Jackson is unique and once you see his style, it sticks with you. His love of Sci-Fi is on full display on the CCS Stairwells Vaulted T-Shirt he designed for our Artist Series. Check out our interview with Jackson where he explains his incredible idea for his dream reality show and the influence behind his work.

I’m constantly going to used book and comic stores

Who are you and where are you right now?I’m Jackson. Usually I’m based in New York, but I’m in Melbourne for the next month visiting my girlfriend, working, and painting on stuff I shouldn't. Its sick here, I saw a wallaby the other day.

What kind of art do you make?I'm not sure how to classify it. A combination of everything that I look at I guess... I’m constantly going to used book and comic stores, saving stuff I like on Instagram and taking pics of weird people on the street. I hope it comes out a bit Sci-Fi, a bit funny, and a bit mysterious.

How did you first get into art?I’ve been drawing since I was a little kid. I definitely give a lot of credit to building Legos when I was in elementary and middle school. I used to fill my entire bedroom floor with huge cities. Each little section had something crazy going on, ether it was a guy chasing a bird in the grass or a battle between two submarines. When I was at school I would just draw and write my ideas down in my sketchbook (I hate sketchbooks now). I think the idea of creating and controlling my own world where anything could happen was super attractive, especially when I was 9.

What inspired the Stairwells Vaulted T-Shirt?This great book called Neuromancer by William Gibson. It's not to obviously Influenced I hope. I didn’t want the design to make too much sense.

You seem to reference Science Fiction in your work, have any Sci-Fi favorites? Yeah of course! Both Sci-Fi and Horror. There are too many to list without feeling bad for leaving stuff out but here’s a few... For movies: From Beyond, Alien, Total Recall, Hellraiser, Dead Alive, Martyrs, Inside, and Altered States. For books and comics: Neuromancer, Arzak, The Hellbound Heart, Den, It, and The Incal.

Do you have a favorite artist that influences your work?I don't think I can pick one favorite, but I’ve always looked up to Moebius, Richard Corben, Francois Boucq, Taiyō Matsumoto, and Hergé. Everything they do is so amazing and beautiful. Looking at their work always gets me super excited to sit down and draw. Also a lot of contemporaries like, Horfee, Jim Stoten, Antoine Cosse, and Paul Waak, and the Italian tattooer Oger.

If you had a reality show, what would it be called?It would be called "The Hamster’s Wheel". A reality show where you take people from other reality shows and make them run on huge hamster wheels over a pit of snapping turtles while trying to solve a Rubik’s cube. They also have to wear oiled up Crocs so it’s hard to run. The last one running wins a discounted trip Sandals Ontario and a 5 dollar blockbuster gift card. I know that sounds like a game show, but it's not.

If you could be haunted by any celebrity ghost, who would it be?Probably Conan , he’s the man. I hope he never dies though.

Do you have any memories of the CCS Catalog? Yeah it was the only reason I checked the mail actually. I remember I was super hyped because I ordered that sick DVS backpack with the chair that pops out of the back. I’m not sure why I wanted that but I definitely made it a point to use it a bunch at school. I guess to sit down wherever I wanted?

What’s next for you? Illustration wise, I’m doing a couple album covers, tattooing a few people. Putting out a new comic, and doing a couple decks for CCS. I also do a lot of the illustration for my good pals skate company, Bluecouch. I also run a small press called Snail Farm. I publish zines, books, and comics from my favorite illustrators, tattoo artists, and graffiti writers. I’ve also been holding in a pee the entire time I’ve been answering questions so that’s what’s actually happening next.

Where can people find more about your work?The best place is my Instagram, @jackson.illo. I also tattoo people sometimes. You can see that stuff here @jackson.handpoke and to see what’s going on with Snail Farm Check out Thank you!

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