The CCS Tour Backpack - The Return of a Classic

Getting on the road is always nice, but for a professional skateboarder with a handful of sponsors pulling you in lots of directions, sometimes the road can start to wear on you. It’s nice every now and then to just pick a destination, grab a good buddy, and head to the location of your choice with no real set agenda. Well, after a long summer of grueling road trips and video deadlines, we sent CCS team rider Ben Raybourn on a little skate vacation with his homie and CCS filmer, Chris Varcadipane. They wanted to head south and run away from the fresh rains hitting the Pacific Northwest, and as luck would have it, one of the best vert contests in skateboarding was going down that weekend. Ben and Chris managed put themselves to work even on vacation and brought us back this rad edit. It looks like they had a damn good time!

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