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Back Light is our regular showcase of the best photography skateboarding has to offer. We make the rounds to all best lensmen in the industry and scour their hard drives for photographic gold. Back Light's purpose is to make skateboarding look rad, plain and simple. Whether it's a heavy trick, an epic sunset or just a stylish push, if it looks good you will find it in Back Light. Enjoy.

If a photo is worth 1000 words, then a video clip must be worth a whole damn book. That being said, there seems to be this rule in skateboarding that once a video clip sees the light of day that the photo of whatever happened in that video clip is dead in the water. The fact that no one has seen it yet seems to be null and void by the fact that you already saw it in video form. The problem with that logic is that we’re not all looking at skateboard tricks as news pieces that just keep us quickly updated on the progress of skateboard technicality. A lot of times a photograph can capture the moment in a whole different light (literally) than a video clip.

Since we feel this way, we have no problem bringing you epic photos of tricks you have recently seen in video form, especially if they’re at the hands of the destroyers that starred in Nike SB’s Chronicles 3. Ryan Flynn travels the globe with these dudes and catches every bit of awesomeness that goes down so he was our go to when we wanted to see some Chronicles flicks. Enjoy the photos and let them serve as a reminder to watch the video again and proceed to #skateeverydamnday.

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