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Back Light is our regular showcase of the best photography skateboarding has to offer. We make the rounds to all best lensmen in the industry and scour their hard drives for photographic gold. Back Light's purpose is to make skateboarding look rad, plain and simple. Whether it's a heavy trick, an epic sunset or just a stylish push, if it looks good you will find it in Back Light. Enjoy.

This edition of Back Light features photos from one of skateboarding's best and brightest. John Mehring has cemented himself in the skate world as the guy you want by your side if you’re venturing in to deep Eastern Europe, or taking your skateboard to the Middle East. John has used his camera and skateboard to see parts of the world that most of us don’t even know exist. He recently published an epic book with National Geographic called “Skate The World” that features his photos, as well as top skateboard photographers from around the planet. Luckily for us, we managed to get a hold of John in between flights and grab some flicks from his more recent, domestic travels. If you count Alaska as domestic that is…

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