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Detroit is an amazing example of a city being reborn. After a hard fall, The D is on an upswing - the likes of which haven’t been seen in decades. With this rebirth, there has been a flood of new art and culture filling the city and it’s being driven, in part, by an amazing skateboard community. Dominic Palarchio is part of this puzzle as a young buck that has grabbed a camera and become the dude to shoot anything you put in front of him and shoot it well. Dom is a quiet kid with a great eye who is as willing to sit at the bottom of a rail in the snow as he is in the blistering heat, ready to capture any type of (as your grandpa puts it) boarding. With great talents like Dom taking the reigns of the Detroit skate scene, there is no doubt that the city will continue it’s climb and be on top once again.

Enjoy Dom’s gallery and make sure to tag all your Instagram skate photos with #ccsbacklight for a chance to win a $200 CCS Gift Card and be featured here at!

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