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Back Light is our regular showcase of the best photography skateboarding has to offer. We make the rounds to all best lensmen in the industry and scour their hard drives for photographic gold. Back Light's purpose is to make skateboarding look rad, plain and simple. Whether it's a heavy trick, an epic sunset or just a stylish push, if it looks good you will find it in Back Light. Enjoy.

Cameron Markin has been flying back and forth over the Pacific Ocean shooting skate photos for a long time. Shooting all his fellow countrymen and a few Yanks whenever he gets a chance, Cameron has put together a rad portfolio for you. Between bowls that look like fruit, and burly red men in their skivvies, Cameron has seen it all and was nice enough to document it all for you. Enjoy his transcontinental perspective on skateboarding then go outside and get your own photo!

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