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Basics are another word for the socks and underwear you mindlessly select every morning half asleep and half alive. Deciding what basics to wear for the day is arguably one of the easiest decisions you make all day. Buying socks and underwear was just as easy. Arvin Basics is making that decision even easier, but for a different reason entirely. Arvin wants you to buy its basics because its the right thing to do for our planet.

Arvin Basics saves water with every pair of socks and underwear it produces. A typical pair of cotton socks use 50 - 150 gallons of water. Arvin socks use zero gallons. Every pair of socks Arvin produces eliminates the use of toxic dyes, saves fresh water, lowers CO2 emissions, reduces landfill waste, and eliminates the use of energy dependent farms and facilities by upcycling unused and otherwise discarded fabric waste and recycling polyester to produce its socks. Checkout Arvin's process here.

Arvin, an old english word for “a friend of the people,” is a perfect name for a company that designs, produces, and sells stylish, eco-conscious apparel basics at fair prices. Because what’s a bigger enemy to people than our own pollution? And while you may argue that one company can't possibly make that big of an impact, think about this: billions of gallons of water would be saved annually if 10% of the population chose to support brands with sustainable practices like Arvin’s. If billions of gallons seems a bit lofty, just try and picture what the 50 -150 gallons of water the socks you’re wearing took to produce looks like. And now your underwear. When we put ourselves through this exercise, it became overwhelmingly clear that Arvin Basics was a brand we wanted to support and sell. Needless to say, we’re incredibly stoked to be selling such a cool brand with such a wonderful mission.

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Bundles of raw waste material to be broken down and upcycled. Bundles of raw waste material to be broken down and upcycled.
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