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It’s not surprising that skateboarding changes lives. It happens every day, but it’s rare that we, as a group, see or hear about it. Real Skateboards’ “Actions REALized” program is telling the stories of how skating has had a positive impact on someone’s life one story at at time. Nate Viands was diagnosed with Leukemia a few months before his fourth birthday--a diagnosis that prevented him to play sports with other kids because of shared germs. So his dad, Scott, a skateboarder who’d been off the board for over a decade, did what any skateboarder would do, he got his son a skateboard. Scott was so stoked he found a board small enough for his son, he emailed Real to thank them. And that’s how this Actions REALized story began. Check out the whole story in this video Real made of Nate and Scott’s trip out to SF to skate and check out the Actions REALized board that will raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Check out more on Actions REALized, or shop Nate's board here.

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