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Sebo Walker has been pro for Krooked for years, but he’s always been into activities outside of skateboarding. More and more, his life is taking him in other directions, but he’s managed to skate and produce just as much as ever. We caught up with Sebo to hear about what he’s been up to.

Interview and photos by Matt Price

So Sebo. Where are you and what are you doing right now?

I just got to portland, and I’m doing this interview. Next I’ll be filming for a video part I’m working on here in portland.

So you’re still living full time in Venice though, yeah? What is it about living in Venice you love?

I love to be close to the beach. When I first came to California, Venice is where i couch surfed, I know everyone down here and love the vibes. Always music, surf, skate, etc. It’s electric. It’s also Dogtown which is tight.

What about living in Venice do you hate?

It’s really dirty, and the rent is insane.

Nollie Noseblunt about 10 feet from the beach.

You do a lot of art. Is art something you see as a secondary career from skating or do you even make money from it ever?

It’s honestly more of my main income these days. I’m hustling to sell as much as I can, have shows, connect with other creatives. That way skating is more of the secondary income and thus, feels more like my hobby than my job.

A lot of top pro’s still work when they’re not skating and I don’t think a lot of kids know that. Is skating paying the bills full time right now or do you have another job on the side?

I have become a muralist, teach skate lessons, and sell art. That combined with the money I make from skating makes everything work right now. But I still am constantly open and looking for new jobs, hustles. So I can save up for a house, kids etc..

Do you think having other passions, jobs and hobby’s helps you enjoy skating more or even skate better sometimes?

Absolutely. Not having as much free time helps me not take skating for granted and keeps it fresh and exciting when I have to work for that free time.

You recently left Lakai after some great years over there. Can you tell us a bit about what happened?

The team manager at the time changed everything. In my opinion he wasn’t a good fit. The company went through a bunch of changes simultaneously, lack of communication, disfunction etc.. It didn’t feel like a good team vibe on trips. To not go into too much detail, it was a negative thing in my life and I was out the door way before the video dropped. I wish things could’ve been different but more or less I’m grateful for my time, but would rather make less money and be happy than ride for a company that wasn’t the same, and wasn’t good for me anymore.

You’ve been a regular at Stoner park pretty much since it was built right? Didn’t you uses to live there?

I lived in my van outside the park, it was safe, next to the gym (where I showered) and I enjoyed warming it there. I still love it and go often!

Name your top 3 Stoner loc’s. Your fave people to see skate the park when you show up.

Cooper, Kat and Mingus.

You were recently married right? How’s that been?

I am super happy. I love being married. We are best friends, and it’s so fun to navigate life together.

A lot of skates seem averse to some of the more classic institutions like marriage. What about it made you two want to tie the knot?

Like I said she is my best friend, she makes me a better person. We both wanted it and and happy we did it.

These curbs got a whooping from Sebo. FS Blunt on a heavy Rat Stick.

Any kids on the horizon?

Cooper Angellineff & Mingus Gamble & all the kids I teach I hope!

Alright let’s so some rapid fire... What was... your first skate video?

Rodney Vs. Daewon Round 2

Your favorite skate video?

Sight unseen

Your first favorite skater?

Mark Appleyard

Your all time favorite skater?

Andrew Reynolds

All time favorite video part?

Mike Carroll - Modus Operandi

Anything else inside of skating or outside that you’re stoked on right now and you wanna shout out?

Shout out to @wedrinkwater and Knot Springs Spa in Portland. Dream BIG!

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