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Volcom is a brand that no matter how large and global it becomes, always gives back to skateboarding. In a day and age where the full-length video is about as common as a kid without an iPhone, they continue to set aside the budgets and time needed to produce beautiful full length skateboard masterpieces. For years they have scouted the best up-and-coming talent for their skate team and the line up reflects that today. They also have set their sites on media talent as well, which lead them to Arto Saari and Russel Houghton for photography and video respectively. This dream team under the creative direction of the legendary Volcom brand man Remy Stratton is sure to produce the best Volcom film to date. We were able to get some photos from Arto of some of their recent filming missions and the trailer they just released in almost as gnarly as it is beautiful. Take a few minutes to get stoked on Holy Stokes!

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