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Few things are better than a day of street skating, and anyone who skates knows their go to spots. In this new feature we're going to link up with pro's and have them take us to their favorite spots and get some clips. To kick this off we met up with CCS apparel pro, Neen Williams to hit some of his L.A. gems. In between gourmet meals in the streets and stacking layers of filth on his CCS Basis T, Neen managed to get a healthy amount of clips for one day in the streets. Check the video and our photo gallery of the day, then grab a Basis T and add your own destruction pattern to it!

Spot 1 was the courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles. Neen butters the ledge before it gets blunted.
A little flat ground warm up was in order before the first line went down. A Halfcab Heel is an underrated legend in anyone's bag.

FS Blunt in a fresh pair of CCS Relaxed Chino's. Neen says they're his favorite skate pants. Who are we to disagree? I mean, we did make them...
After the first line was done it was time to step it up to the big block off the drop. Did we mention those fuuuucking pants? Okay, that's enough plugging...
A nice Backside Tailslide to finish off a second line before we hit the road on the way to the next spot.
A quick detour to City Hall got Neen a line in the midst of a heavy scene from the protests days before.
Frontside Shuv-It before pushing on to the next spot.
Neen needed some fuel and since he's the only pro skater in the world who skates with a portable stove top, he whipped him self up some chicken and spinach with none other than his signature spice line, NADC. Talk about a renaissance man.
We got a couple 180's at spot two, the bump over can before the wind kicked us out. If you've ever skated into the wind when you need extra speed you know why this one was short lived.
Shirt check when we showed up to the third spot, Temple School. It's starting to look very skated in, and we like that.
A Backside Lip was one of many rail tricks that went down before Neen got another line and a handful of stair moves.
Nothing better than a beautifully pinched Front Crook. Except for maybe doing one on a table. In a line. With a rail trick. He's just got it like that.
At some point though, enough is enough for anyone and they're t shirt. Spot three was done and so was the day. Oh, and the shirt.
If you're feeling inspired, pick up your own CCS Basis T and roll around at a couple spots. It feels good to be a little filthy at the end of the day.
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