CCS Corduroy Long Sleeve - Available in 4 Colors - Only $54.95

When we hit up our good friend and Santa Cruz Skateboards brand manager, Andrew Cannon to do 100 kickflips for us, he was happy to help us out. Sadly for him, we know how good at flat ground skating he is, so we needed to step the challenge up. We decided to do a super wear test with the Janoski Slip, one of Andrew’s favorite shoes and make Andrew do 100 different tricks in them! Trying to think of 100 was hard enough, let alone actually doing them. Sure enough, Andrew was at the skate park with Kevin at 7am and had banged out 100 tricks by 10am! Check out how the shoes held up to the hundreds of different types of flick it took for Andrew to make all these tricks and then grab a pair at CCS!

DISCLAIMER: Due to some technical difficulties we lost one of the 100 tricks along the way and had to get creative. So to all the haters who are gonna spot our joke and call us out, we’re not trying to put anything over on you. He truly did 100 different tricks and it was INSANE.

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