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What’s the best way to test a pair of skate shoes? Skate them. Seems like a no-brainer, and it surely is, but there’s a difference between skating a pair of shoes and skating them to truly test their durability. We decided to start wear testing skate shoes in a way that really makes sense. We present to you the 100 kickflip challenge! What’s a better way to see how a shoe breaks in and handles the abrasive caress of your grip tape than just throwing it in the line of fire? If a shoe is looking good after 100 straight kickflips, then we’re guessing it deserves a spot on your feet.

Plugging right along with these wear tests, we decided to try a new trick with one of our favorites from Etnies, the Marana Vulc. Naturally we had CCS and Etnies team rider Ryan Lay put them to the test. It turns out that Ryan is way better at switch heel flips than he is at kickflips, and we also wanted to see what the wear was like from a trick we haven’t tried yet. Ryan gave them hell with over 100 switch heels and a couple of switch heel variations and we checked in every 20 flicks to see what was going on. The Marana Vulc was a beast and well… I guess you should just watch the video to see what happened. Let us know what tricks you want to see 100 of and what shoes you want to see these wear tests in, and we will be back with a new one next week!

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