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Skating’s hard. Skating, owning a brand, and doing 100 kickflips in a warehouse in 90 degree weather’s harder. We knew Proper Skateboarding owner, Shawn Baravetto, would be down to wear test Proper Skate Shoes himself, but we weren’t prepared for how fast he’d do it. Shawn effortlessly flicked through 100 kickflips in the Proper Cinex like butter, and was cool enough to drop a few trade secrets along the way. We’ve had pros talk about their shoes on our CCS 100 kickflip challenges before, but we’ve never had the privilege to talk to the designer/owner of a shoe company about why certain features were included, the thinking behind the style, and the motivation to start the brand. Having the owner of a company doing 100 kickflips in their shoe is indeed a first for CCS

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