CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

What’s the best way to test a pair of skate shoes? Skate them. Seems like a no-brainer, and it surely is, but there’s a difference between skating a pair of shoes and skating them to truly test their durability. We decided to start wear testing skate shoes in a way that really makes sense. We present to you the 100 kickflip challenge! What’s a better way to see how a shoe breaks in and handles the abrasive caress of your grip tape than just throwing it in the line of fire? If a shoe is looking good after 100 straight kickflips, then we’re guessing it deserves a spot on your feet.

You asked and we listened. We took some of your comments from our last 100 Kickflip Challenge and decided to put the new Brad Cromer Shoes by HUF to the ultimate test. Sadly, our resident kickflipper Kevin had a rolled ankle so we had to pull our guy Matt Price from behind the camera and make him take on the challenge. He was a little rusty, but ultimately pulled through with 100 makes and a whole lot of bails. He’s hoping that if he keeps doing these every week he may be able to take his CCS Chinos down a size. See how the Cromer handled the flicks and comment to let us know what shoe we should test next!

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