The CCS Lounge Shirt - Take Chill To a Whole New Level

Suede where you need it doesn’t necessarily apply to everyday life. You’re not going to buy a car or a dog or a hamburger because the marketing behind it says, “Suede where you need it.” For skateboard shoes, tho? That’s a hell of a selling point. For this edition of the CCS 100 kickflips wear test, Matt skated the Donny skate shoes from the relatively new-to-the-skate-scene shoe company, Clear Weather. And we say relatively new because the brother’s who started Clear Weather, Brandon & Josh Brubaker, have 30+ combined years of design experience in footwear and skating. And Clear Weather has been steady crushing in the Lifestyle/Sneaker footwear industry for some time now, but the Donny, Jeffrey, and Walter, that dropped this year, are Clear Weather’s first foray back into the skate scene they have so much experience in. Perhaps the coolest part of these three shoes? They’re named after the leading characters from The Big Lebowski.

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