CCS Workwear - Your New Go-To Jacket

Since we started of the CCS 100 Kickflip Challenge you guys have been hollering at us to do a heelflip challenge. We have done switch heels with our boy Ryan Lay, but no straight heelflips. So we decided to call in an old friend who happens to be an expert in the intricacies of heel flippage… Cairo Foster, came through sporting the Adidas Mark Suciu ADV’s and effortlessly powered his way through 100 heelflips in the hot Portland sun. Just watching Cairo flick these 100 heels will improve your understanding of heelflips so the next time someone yells “HEELFLIP CHECK!” you may be a little more mentally prepared to stomp your next heelflip.

Pick Up a Pair of Adidas Mark Suciu ADV’s

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