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First and foremost, the “V” is a “U” - pronounced “rue-cah”, phonetically. The lettering, like the root word meaning “clothing”, is of Greco-Roman descent. By choosing an ancient look and sound to their name, RVCA highlights the elemental and classical nature of the brand. RVCA, “The Balance of Opposites”, represents a balance of humanity and nature.

With a team of sponsored athletes, ranging from surfers and skateboarders, to jiu-jitsu and MMA fighters, to visual artists, RVCA displays a renaissance of human performance. The brand purposely focuses on athletes that compete against their own limitations, natural forces, and their fellow human beings, as well as artists who attempt to capture something in the human experience deserving of acknowledgement.

It’s simple, really. RVCA is just clothing. Literally. It has been since its Greek root was first uttered, probably thousands of years ago. Just like the lifestyle it promotes, RVCA believes in the root of what we do, the reasons behind our actions.

Riding a ramp or a wave isn’t just about getting gnarly, it’s about connecting to the natural world and to something in our DNA that strives for that connection. Only we as human beings can achieve this connection by embracing it, shredding it, or being overcome by its wonder. RVCA is just here to support our efforts, and to cover our ass when we don’t want to do it naked.