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Diamond Supply Co.’s founder Nick Tershay was ranked number 11, just behind Bobby Hundreds, in a Complex rating of The 25 most Powerful People in Streetwear. Although it began as a simple skate hardware business in a studio apartment, Diamond Supply Co. has clearly become something much, much more.

With celebrity endorsements, collaborations with industry giants like Nike SB, flagship stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles, not to mention a stacked skate team of over 100 pros, Diamond Supply’s influence is clear.

All the hype aside, Diamond Supply Co. lists, “delivering skateboarding goods with high integrity and matching quality” as a part of their mission statement, and we’d be hard-pressed to argue. In recent years Diamond Supply Co. has brought both Grizzly Griptape and Ace Trucks under its umbrella. Diamond has also collaborated with outside skate brands like Lakai Footwear and Girl Skateboards.

Diamond Supply Co. has crafted a look and style that has captured the attention of huge name artists and designers, while maintaining a meaningful connection to skateboarding’s roots. By daring to connect core skate culture with the world of art and fashion, Diamond has been a leading force in bringing skateboarding to a new demographic and potentially bringing a new plethora of creative minds to skateboarding.