Skateboard snapbacks are as ubiquitous as skate shoes in the skate industry. They’re versatile, breathable, and they keep your hair from getting in your eyes (it’s a fact that exactly half the skateboard population has longish hair, but don’t hold us to that). For these reasons, and because they’re a really easy way to go from, "I’m hungover and just woke up," to, "I just got dressed," they’re the most popular kind of skateboarding hat we sell. But the term skater hat is not interchangeable with a snapback. No, what’s considered to be a skate hat changes all the time - skaters used to wear fitted flexfit hats backwards. Polo hats with curved bills, unstructured dad hats, wool baseball style hats, beanies, and 5-panel camp hats are all examples of hats people might mean when they say, "get me a skater hat." If you’re tasked with buying someone a new hat, your best bet is to go the safe route, and get them a snapback. That, or just ask them to be more specific, because there’s a lot to choose from.

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