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Clothes don’t always make the man... oh, who are we kidding? They always make the man. And the woman, as well. The same is true for skateboarders. Skating is a lifestyle unlike any other, and that’s before we get into the all the subcultures that exist within it. (It’s kind of like high school if you think about it, only more fun.) People who are passionate about their boards need clothing that captures the same passion while also being comfortable, functional and durable for every aspect of their life. has been a premier skateboard apparel dealer since 1985, and we have all the latest and greatest clothing for people of all sizes and tastes.

We’ve seen a lot in the skateboarding world — after all, we’ve been around longer than most skaters have been alive. (Now we feel old, dang it.) That knowledge goes into selecting every piece of skate apparel to offer action athletes and weekend warriors. Graphic T-shirts, button-up shirts, performance jackets, chino shorts, mesh hats — we have it all in our massive inventory. And these aren’t cheap knock-offs either — we only sell premium skateboarding clothes from brands we trust, whether they’re the biggest in the world or regional independents. Vans, Santa Cruz, Thrasher, Almost, Spitfire, and DGK are just some of the brands of skateboard garments that we proudly offer.

The apparel you see here is designed and crafted especially for riding. You’ll stay comfortable all day long in clothes made to resist fading, ripping and other damage from hard tricks and spills. And talk about great graphics. Flaming logos, Army camouflage, screaming hands, tie-dye bears and slogans like “Skate and Destroy” are just some of the ways you can announce your presence at the park. Wear the right combination of style, practicality, and attitude every time you go out by shopping at CCS. We have same-day shipping and free returns on all clothing just in case you order the wrong size.