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Like just about everything Krooked Skateboards makes, the design and production of the Pure Evil Beemer was a labor of love.

Gonz shoots from the heart when it comes to skating. If it makes him laugh, smile, or if it’s just fun to ride, he’s about it. It’s this way of thinking that led to the design of Krooked’s Limited run of the Beemer Pure Evil Decks, which in his words “is the only board that’s just a joy to ride.”

Each board was individually hand pressed and features assorted colors and wheel wells and custom cutouts to reduce the overall weight of this board, which measures at 10.75 x 34 inches. Each board is hand numbered and took right around 4 hours to produce, which is a possible explanation to why only 300 were made. The video produced to help market the Krooked Beemer features Gonz in his studio explaining how the board came about, him and Tyshawn Jones skating the board, and Gonz walking you through how to design and draw your own custom shape board.

The Krooked Beemer Pure Evil Decks go live on CCS April 27, 2017.

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